Group classes

Fat burning, muscle strength, fitness training, … there is a class for every personal goals. We offer quality classes to ensure the best experience!


Vinyasa Yoga
A dynamic and intensive work-out. Consists of a sequence of different poses according to the rhythm of your breathing. We focus on strength and agility. Accessible for beginners.
Spicy Vinyasa Yoga
A Vinyasa Yoga where they occasionally try more daring poses. Not to worry… Every pose can be worked on. So, beginners are more than welcome!
Yin Yang Yoga
A class that starts off very regenerative. After 15 minutes, a Vinyasa flow of 30 minutes will commence. Finally, the class ends with a recovering touch which will result in a feeling of relaxation.
Bhakti Yoga
Consists of an hour of Vinyasa Yoga and half an hour Restorative Yoga. It is the path of loving dedication and surrender. Focusing on opening the heart.
Restorative Yoga
Restorative yoga is a class in which the focus is on letting our muscles rest by maintaining a pose longer than 3 minutes, in a completely relaxed state. This creates a deeper stretch, which works on connective tissue, tendons and ligaments.


Body Pump
Is a class that focuses on strengthening and fat burning. It is the most efficient strength training and ideal for changing your body.
Body Combat
Intensive workout where both cardiovascular and explosive power are trained. Influences of different combat sports on pumping music allow you to discover your limits.
The latest High Intensity Interval Training: more intense, more experience and even faster. No long journeys, but 30 minutes of HIIT on bikes and fast results.
RPM is the indoor cycling workout where you cycle on the rhythm of powerful music. Follow the course with your inspiring instructor, who leads the peloton through hills, flat landscapes, mountain peaks, time trials and interval training.


Body Circuit
This is a small group workout in which exercises are given that you perform for 1 minute and then move on to your next exercise. Intensive and challenging! A mix of strength and cardio. 30 minutes of functional movement!
Total Body
Total body workout is a mix of muscle strengthening exercises on music for all muscle groups, with emphasis on chest, stomach, buttocks and legs.


Box Fun
Box Fun stands for fitness training that gives body and soul a boost. Besides the fact that it is especially fun to do, there are many other reasons to go boxing alone or in a group: you move your body and mind together.
Body Toning
A lower intensity than ‘figure training’ but with the same focus. Ideal for those who prefer to train at a slightly slower pace.
Correct balance, strengthening of the back and above all a focus on breathing and relaxation. A class in which you calm your body through calm, flowing movements and find your own balance.
Combination of rhythmic fitness and dance movements on Latin and salsa beats. Fun is central, but make no mistake: cardio and fat burning get a strong boost.
These are complete workouts of 30 minutes where your body gets a good and sufficient training stimulus in a short time. Focus on the abdominal zones and core stability.

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